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One of the best ways to demonstrate how garden designers can dramatically alter the character of a garden is by taking photographs from the same spot before and after the work has been completed. What has taken place between the photos is the design process: the listening, thinking, noticing, problem-solving, assessing, designing and building of the new garden.

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Before image 5   After image 5

^ The rough patch seen from the south west – an uninviting and wasted space, leaving the greenhouse to appear ‘marooned’ at the bottom of the garden.


^ A new dining area in front of the greenhouse and a sheltered potager garden ties all the spaces together into an efficient and productive growing and eating area.

Before image 6   After image 6

^ A tired looking patio area at the rear of the cottage appears to fall into the sloping lawn.


^ Crisp new paving, edged with a herb border and set of steps renews the rear of the cottage and tames the fall of the garden.

Before image 7   After image 7

^ The old patio ‘scuffs’ the lawn area and there is nowhere to walk down into the lower garden.


^ A set of steps invites the visitor down to the lower garden area.

Before image 8   After image 8

^ The boundary between house and garden is blurred and untidy. Although in a rural location, this has the effect of making the cottage look smaller and overwhelmed by the garden.


^ A perimeter path and steps around the house provides a neat definition between the house and garden. A small seating area has been added under the canopy of the apple tree.

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