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Walking a Quiet Path in Southampton 2008: How to Build a Labyrinth
Information designed by Mark Rendell, the growing company  023 8023 3768, © 2008
(These instructions accompany a Design Drawing that demonstrates how to mark out the shape on the ground)


1. This is a seven circuit Cretan labyrinth. Allowing for a width of 1.5m between edges, this labyrinth would take about 10 minutes to walk (in and out). A Design Drawing describes how to create this shape on the ground.


2. Mark out the labyrinth shape with pegs and string and use a non-permanent method to mark out the lines  - sand (shown) or line marking spray are best.

3. Using a half moon border edging spade, or ordinary spade (shown), cut a slit along the marked line. If the soil is really dry, water the area first to make it easier to dig.


4. Wiggle the spade to create a ‘V’ shaped slit. Make sure this slit is a good depth and has a wide opening. To aid drainage and root growth, prick the bottom of the V with a fork.



5. Add organic material (e.g. compost mixed with water retaining gel) generously to the gap created. Firm compost down to create a small raised embankment.


6. Sow seeds, plant bulbs or plant plug plants along this central soil strip and firm in. You can also mix seed into the compost mixture (step 5), if you prefer.


7. Water the compost strip area well. You should start to see the labyrinth shape appear after 10 – 14 days. Continue to water the strip during dry periods.


8. Now, tell everyone about it! You could also activate your labyrinth with a small ritual / ceremony, something appropriate to your group.  Well done and enjoy!