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Walking A Sacred Path in Southampton 2008 : Timeline of Activities






Identify suitable open spaces
Raise awareness of project with local groups
Develop Mailing List / Contact Sheet
Identify venue for workshop
Publicise workshop


Hold Saturday morning Workshop (Saturday 8th March):
All interested groups to attend – create Seedbed Groups
Practise marking out a dummy labyrinth shape
Calculate supplies / materials, time required (budgets)
Agree roles / tasks, agree to recruit
Identify area of park(s) for labyrinth
Iron out problems / Qs and As


Recruit members to Labyrinth Seedbed Groups
Start planting seeds / purchasing suitable plant materials
Prepare ground ahead of turf cutting (e.g. water area if dry)
Council: agree grass cutting regime around labyrinth feature
Build publicity for labyrinths / invite people along to openings
Order materials for each location (including signage?)

April - May

Saturday / Sunday (align with park activities / events to maximise support?)
Gather materials at each site
Build Labyrinths – possibly stagger across weekend / week to allow for groups to support each other?

(End) May

Opening ceremonies for Labyrinths?




Ongoing maintenance
Watering in dry periods
Replacing plants as and when


Late Autumn


Decommission / Closing Ceremony
Or consider a winter planting / bulb planting to extend the life of the labyrinth.
Review project – lessons learned; next year?