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The Walk A Quiet Path Labyrinth Open Workshop – Saturday 8th March 2008

An Open Workshop was held at the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre on Southampton Common to introduce interested people to the ancient labyrinth symbol and to enable participants to practise creating a Seven Circuit Cretan Labyrinth. 21 people attended the workshop and three groups created temporary sand labyrinths on the Common afterwards. Thanks to Francoise Murat for some of the photographs used in this selection.

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Hawthorns1   Hawthorns2

^ A brief overview of the history of the labyrinth and a chance to practise with pen and paper first…


^ Sand is sprinkled along the arc created by the taut string.

Hawthorns3   Hawthorns4

^ Bamboo canes (here 90cm long) ensure that the path widths of the labyrinth remain constant.


^ Labyrinth markers are working on different parts of the labyrinth simultaneously. It takes about 40 minutes to mark out this labyrinth.

Hawthorns5   Hawthorns6

^ A group walk their labyrinth on completion. A 90cm path width labyrinth is about 15m x 15m and takes about 8 minutes to walk in and out.


^ One of the groups reach the centre of their labyrinth.

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