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Creating the Labyrinth at the Mayfield Park Open Day - Saturday 26th April 2008

More than 40 people, young and old alike, helped to create a turf-based labyrinth at Mayfield Park this spring. Thanks to Maria Moore for some of the photographs in this selection.

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Mayfield1   Mayfield2

^ Bamboo canes have been laid in the ‘seed pattern’ before marking with line marking spray.


^ A ‘V’-shaped slit is made along the line with a half moon spade. Compost is packed into the trench.

Mayfield3   Mayfield4

^ The labyrinth is taking shape…


^ Fine Fescue grass seed is sown on top of the compost.

Mayfield5   Mayfield6

^ This labyrinth has 1.5m path widths and is about 25 m x 25m. It takes about 5 minutes for this group to walk into the middle.


^ The labyrinth team at Mayfield Park pause for a group photograph.

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